Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm going to Berkeley

My new favorite t-shirt
I'm trying to avoid being like Labron James as I announce where I'll be attending law school. So, I won't be appearing on ESPN to talk about how much I hate Cleveland. That's a start... plus I'm pretty ambivalent about Cleveland.

I'm going to Berkeley. It's not the most practical decision, but I believe Berkeley is the place I will be most inspired. It's the place where I'll be best able to learn the law, be involved in the community, engage in making the world a better place, and spend time with our Creator's creation.

Many of my other options were agonizing to turn down. But after much prayer and deliberation, I am at peace with the decision. And I'm very excited.


  1. Good call! I thought you would pick this one. My uncle went to law school at Berkeley, loved it, and has been immensely successful. Best of luck!
    ~Brittany Smith

  2. Cody, I am certain it will be an enormous blessing to study with all those amazing trees and beauty to inspire you : ) . As well as the social activism and passion for positive change. Our prayers will be with you. Two of my dearest friends graduated with PHD's from Berkeley, as well as my sister. They had MANY good things to say about their time there.

  3. I had a feeling you'd end up there! Hope your doing great. Proud of you

  4. Cody, I enjoyed vicariously experiencing some fine law schools through your blogs. It looks like you've made a good choice. Congratulations!

  5. Thank you everyone for reading and chiming in!