Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Democracy at Risk (Part 5)

This new Story of Stuff video came out on Tuesday. It was a long time coming and I'm excited to share it. It's spot on and couldn't go better with our book.

Take note of the way she talks about human motivation vs. corporate motivation. It's brilliant and probably the most important part of the video. The fact is individuals are motivated by many things, but when taken in the aggregate (aka. in a corporation) it all drills down to the "profit motive."


  1. "Corporations are not 'the people.'"

  2. I watched this and agree with the concept that corporations should not have the ability to donate that much money... however... the things I think are important aren't the same things that they do. (I think global warming is a crock and we already spend way too much on public education). This video would have more support if it stuck to the issue at hand and didn't get into other issues

  3. Tyler,

    I think the idea behind the movie going into other topics is to connect the movie's thesis to even more tangible public policy issues. By doing this, the movie makers run the risk that you point out.