Thursday, March 10, 2011

I feel like Jonah after he was spit up on dry land

Crossfit 516 = therapy after months in the fish's belly
It's time for a personal update.

I feel like I've been marinating in the belly of a "great fish" for an extended period of time. It's also raining outside. They say the rivers have already begun to swell and overrun their banks. My boss says New Jersey is going to get it bad. I worry less about New Jersey than I should; I worry the dead tree in the front yard will fall over on my car.

When I started studying for the LSAT, I didn't really think about what came after. That was probably a good thing. After the LSAT, I launched into applying to law schools. I applied to 13 schools (overkill) and got most of the applications completed and submitted by very early December (I was trying to beat the Christmas rush). So far, I've heard back from 10 of those schools.

I was rejected by Harvard. I'm not surprised and mostly not disappointed. It would have been fun to at least have the "H-bomb" as an option, but my numbers were low for them and that about completes the story.

I was wait-listed by Duke (I applied to Duke on the last day of their deadline–February 15).

And I was accepted at Berkeley, Michigan, Virginia, Georgetown, USC, University of Minnesota (after being waitlisted), Davis, University of Washington, and University of Colorado (in order of their rankings).

Lastly, I haven't yet heard back from Stanford and UCLA. That's not a good sign for either of them, but I'm holding out hope.

In a little over a week, I will depart from my job here in New York and begin a grand adventure west. I'll be visiting most of these schools, so actually instead of west, the first order of business will be south to the University of Virginia and Duke University. I'll be taking pictures and blogging about each school (as a way of processing what I think about them).

I'm looking forward to the beloved Pacific Northwest.


  1. I'll be interested in reading your opinions of those schools. Thanks in advance for posting them :)

  2. Joel! What is your law school status my friend? I'm pretty out of the loop, are you back in the states?